[petsc-users] ODE Solver on multiple cores

Hasan, Fahad mhasan8 at vols.utk.edu
Wed Jan 13 13:13:33 CST 2016


I have written a code to solve a simple differential equation (x''+x'+6x=0 with initial values, x(0)=2, x'(0)=3). It works well on a single core and produces result close to theoretical answer but whenever I am trying to run the same code on multiple cores, I am getting incorrect results. It seems to me that, for multiple cores it stops after taking only 2 steps regardless of the final time and gives the final result (which is inaccurate). I tried different TSType (TSEULER, TSBEULER, TSSUNDIALS, TSCN etc.) but I always ended up with the same issue.

Can you tell me what possibly may cause this problem? Thanks in advance.

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