[petsc-users] The 7th Annual Scientific Software Days Conference

Damon McDougall damon at ices.utexas.edu
Wed Jan 13 10:14:02 CST 2016

The 7th Annual Scientific Software Days Conference  (SSD)
<http://scisoftdays.org/> targets users and developers of scientific
software.  The conference will be held at the University of Texas at
Austin Thursday Feb 25 - Friday Feb 26, 2016 and focuses on two themes:

 a) sharing best practices across scientific software communities;
 b) sharing the latest tools and technology relevant to scientific

Past keynotes speakers include Greg Wilson (2008), Victoria Stodden
(2009), Steve Easterbrook (2010),  Fernando Perez (2011), Will Schroeder
(2012), Neil Chue Hong (2013). 

This year's list of speakers include:

- Brian Adams (Sandia, Dakota):
- Jed Brown (CU Boulder, PETSc): https://jedbrown.org/
- Tim Davis (TAMU, SuiteSparse):
- Iain Dunning (MIT, Julia Project): http://iaindunning.com/
- Victor Eijkhout (TACC): http://pages.tacc.utexas.edu/~eijkhout/
- Robert van de Geijn (keynote, UT Austin, libflame):
- Jeff Hammond (Intel, nwchem): https://jeffhammond.github.io/
- Mark Hoemmen (keynote, Sandia, Trilinos):
- James Howison (UT Austin): http://james.howison.name/
- Fernando Perez (Berkeley, IPython): http://fperez.org/
- Cory Quammen (Kitware, Paraview/VTK):
- Ridgway Scott (UChicago, FEniCS): http://people.cs.uchicago.edu/~ridg/
- Roy Stogner (UT Austin, LibMesh):

In addition, we solicit poster submissions that share novel uses of
scientific software.  Please send an abstract of less than 250 words to
ssd-organizers at googlegroups.com.

Limited travel funding for students and early career researchers who
present posters will be available.

Early-bird registration fees (before Feb 10th):
Students: $35
Everyone else: $50

Late registration fees (Feb 10th onwards):
Students: $55
Everyone else: $70

Register here: http://scisoftdays.org/

S. Fomel (UTexas), T. Isaac (UChicago), M. Knepley (Rice), R. Kirby
(Baylor), Y. Lai (UTexas), K. Long (Texas Tech), D. McDougall (UTexas),
J. Stewart (Sandia)

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