[petsc-users] Documentation for VTU format?

Jed Brown jed at jedbrown.org
Mon Mar 30 14:00:31 CDT 2015

Justin Chang <jchang27 at uh.edu> writes:

> Jed thank you for the response.
> 1) In my case, I want to output a transient diffusion problem (with
> DMPlex). I see that in ex11 there's a TSMonitorSet(). Is this (and its
> calling function) be the place I have something along the lines that you
> have suggested? That is, if TSMonitorSet() calls MonitorVTK(), then
> MonitorVTK() would have PetscViewerVTKOpen(...). Am I along the right track?

Yes.  A simple case can be done automatically:

  -ts_monitor_solution_vtk 'filename-%03D.vtu'

but if you want something more complicated, you should write your own

> 2) What I meant by parallel was if each rank would output its local part of
> the solution, kind of like the way it's done with FEniCS. That way, if I
> had an extremely large solution set (at least over 10 million DOFS) then I
> wouldn't be stuck with one giant ASCII file. Unless that's what binary
> formats like HDF5 are for?

* vtu is a binary format (ASCII/XML header followed by binary data).

* Creating thousands of small files is worse.

* 10M DOFs is small.

* HDF5 is a better format, but also a bigger dependency and somewhat
  higher effort to work with.
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