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> Hi all,

>What's the status on the implementation of the parallel

I am actually developing a parallel loader. The loader has two steps:

(1) Use 1 core or several cores to read a sequential  mesh, and partition
it into $np$ parts using a partitioner, $np$ is the number of cores you
want to use to do a simulation. Usually, $np$ is large, for example, 10,000
cores. And then we write the partitioned data into the file system as a
HDF5 file.

(2) Load the partitioned data (HDF5 file) into $np$ cores in parallel.

This idea works pretty well for me at this point.  But, this loader is
not compatible with DMPlex now. However, I could change the code somehow,
If this idea is acceptable.

You could also implement it by yourself. It is not too bad.

>mesh reader/generator for DMPlex meshes? Is anyone actively working on
> this? If so is there a branch that I can peek into?

Parallel generator is highly nontrivial, I think. It is a very hard topic.

> Thanks,
> Justin
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