[petsc-users] gamg failure with petsc-dev

Stephan Kramer s.kramer at imperial.ac.uk
Mon Mar 24 12:47:20 CDT 2014

On 21/03/14 11:34, Stephan Kramer wrote:
> On 21/03/14 04:24, Jed Brown wrote:
>> Stephan Kramer <s.kramer at imperial.ac.uk> writes:
>>> We have been having some problems with GAMG on petsc-dev (master) for
>>> cases that worked fine on petsc 3.4. We're solving a Stokes equation
>>> (just the velocity block) for a simple convection in a square box
>>> (isoviscous). The problem only occurs if we supply a near null space
>>> (via MatSetNearNullSpace) where we supply the usual (1,0) (0,1) and
>>> (-y,x) (near) null space vectors. If we supply those, the smoother
>>> complains that the diagonal of the A matrix at the first coarsened
>>> level contains a zero. If I dump out the prolongator from the finest
>>> to the first coarsened level it indeed contains a zero column at that
>>> same index. We're pretty confident that the fine level A matrix is
>>> correct (it solves fine with LU). I've briefly spoken to Matt about
>>> this and he suggested trying to run with -pc_gamg_agg_nsmooths 0 (as
>>> the default changed from 3.4 -> dev) but that didn't make any
>>> difference, the dumped out prolongator still has zero columns, and it
>>> crashes in the same way. Do you have any further suggestions what to
>>> try and how to further debug this?
>> Do you set the block size?  Can you reproduce by modifying
>> src/ksp/ksp/examples/tutorials/ex49.c (plane strain elasticity)?
> I don't set a block size, no. About ex49: Ah great, with master (just updated now) I get:
> [skramer at stommel]{/data/stephan/git/petsc/src/ksp/ksp/examples/tutorials}$ ./ex49 -elas_pc_type gamg -mx 100 -my 100 -mat_no_inode
> [0]PETSC ERROR: --------------------- Error Message --------------------------------------------------------------
> [0]PETSC ERROR: Arguments are incompatible
> [0]PETSC ERROR: Zero diagonal on row 1
> [0]PETSC ERROR: See http://http://www.mcs.anl.gov/petsc/documentation/faq.html for trouble shooting.
> [0]PETSC ERROR: Petsc Development GIT revision: v3.4.4-3671-gbb161d1  GIT Date: 2014-03-21 01:14:15 +0000
> [0]PETSC ERROR: ./ex49 on a linux-gnu-c-opt named stommel by skramer Fri Mar 21 11:25:55 2014
> [0]PETSC ERROR: Configure options --download-fblaslapack=1 --download-blacs=1 --download-scalapack=1 --download-ptscotch=1 --download-mumps=1 --download-hypre=1 --download-suitesparse=1 --download-ml=1
> [0]PETSC ERROR: #1 MatInvertDiagonal_SeqAIJ() line 1728 in /data/stephan/git/petsc/src/mat/impls/aij/seq/aij.c
> [0]PETSC ERROR: #2 MatSOR_SeqAIJ() line 1760 in /data/stephan/git/petsc/src/mat/impls/aij/seq/aij.c
> [0]PETSC ERROR: #3 MatSOR() line 3734 in /data/stephan/git/petsc/src/mat/interface/matrix.c
> [0]PETSC ERROR: #4 PCApply_SOR() line 35 in /data/stephan/git/petsc/src/ksp/pc/impls/sor/sor.c
> [0]PETSC ERROR: #5 PCApply() line 440 in /data/stephan/git/petsc/src/ksp/pc/interface/precon.c
> [0]PETSC ERROR: #6 KSP_PCApply() line 227 in /data/stephan/git/petsc/include/petsc-private/kspimpl.h
> [0]PETSC ERROR: #7 KSPSolve_Chebyshev() line 456 in /data/stephan/git/petsc/src/ksp/ksp/impls/cheby/cheby.c
> [0]PETSC ERROR: #8 KSPSolve() line 458 in /data/stephan/git/petsc/src/ksp/ksp/interface/itfunc.c
> [0]PETSC ERROR: #9 PCMGMCycle_Private() line 19 in /data/stephan/git/petsc/src/ksp/pc/impls/mg/mg.c
> [0]PETSC ERROR: #10 PCMGMCycle_Private() line 48 in /data/stephan/git/petsc/src/ksp/pc/impls/mg/mg.c
> [0]PETSC ERROR: #11 PCApply_MG() line 330 in /data/stephan/git/petsc/src/ksp/pc/impls/mg/mg.c
> [0]PETSC ERROR: #12 PCApply() line 440 in /data/stephan/git/petsc/src/ksp/pc/interface/precon.c
> [0]PETSC ERROR: #13 KSP_PCApply() line 227 in /data/stephan/git/petsc/include/petsc-private/kspimpl.h
> [0]PETSC ERROR: #14 KSPInitialResidual() line 63 in /data/stephan/git/petsc/src/ksp/ksp/interface/itres.c
> [0]PETSC ERROR: #15 KSPSolve_GMRES() line 234 in /data/stephan/git/petsc/src/ksp/ksp/impls/gmres/gmres.c
> [0]PETSC ERROR: #16 KSPSolve() line 458 in /data/stephan/git/petsc/src/ksp/ksp/interface/itfunc.c
> [0]PETSC ERROR: #17 solve_elasticity_2d() line 1053 in /data/stephan/git/petsc/src/ksp/ksp/examples/tutorials/ex49.c
> [0]PETSC ERROR: #18 main() line 1104 in /data/stephan/git/petsc/src/ksp/ksp/examples/tutorials/ex49.c
> [0]PETSC ERROR: ----------------End of Error Message -------send entire error message to petsc-maint at mcs.anl.gov----------
> Which is the same error we were getting on our problem
> Cheers
> Stephan

Ok, I found out a bit more. The fact that the prolongator has zero columns appears to arise in petsc 3.4 as well. The only reason it wasn't flagged before is that the default for the smoother (not the 
aggregation smoother but the standard pre and post smoothing) changed from jacobi to sor. I can make the example work with the additional option:

$ ./ex49 -elas_pc_type gamg -mx 100 -my 100 -mat_no_inode -elas_mg_levels_1_pc_type jacobi

Vice versa, if in petsc 3.4.4 I change ex49 to include the near nullspace (the /* constrain near-null space bit */) at the end, it works with jacobi (the default in 3.4) but it breaks with sor with 
the same error message as above. I'm not entirely sure why jacobi doesn't give an error with a zero on the diagonal, but the zero column also means that the related coarse dof doesn't actually affect 
the fine grid solution.

I think (but I might be barking up the wrong tree here) that the zero columns appear because the aggregation method typically will have a few small aggregates that are not big enough to support the 
polynomials of the near null space (i.e. the polynomials restricted to an aggregate are not linearly independent). A solution would be to reduce the number of polynomials for these aggregates (only 
take the linearly independent). Obviously this has the down-side that the degrees of freedom per aggregate at the coarse level is no longer a constant making the administration more complicated. It 
would be nice to find a solution though as I've always been taught that jacobi is not a robust smoother for multigrid.


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