[petsc-users] Custom vector owenrship ranges

Mohammad Bahaa m.bahaa.eldein at gmail.com
Tue Mar 18 07:53:26 CDT 2014

I'm using "PETSC_COMM_SELF" communicator for running n serial independent
processes, I need to sum up a certain vector from the n processes in one
vector, however, vectors involved in each process vary in size, and I
couldn't find any function to define custom ownership ranges, so assuming I
have a 4 processes run with each computing an "x" vector as follows:

1. process (1) with x of length 51
2. process (2) with x of length 49
3. process (3) with x of length 52
4. process (4) with x of length 48

The processes sum up to 100 elements, when I define a vector "x_all" of
size "100" with "PETSC_COMM_WORLD" communicator, the ownership ranges are
equal, which isn't the case, how to customize them ?

Mohamamd Bahaa ElDin
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