[petsc-users] Using DM for a refined level-set grid

Åsmund Ervik asmund.ervik at ntnu.no
Sun Mar 2 02:52:19 CST 2014

I think there are options to velocity extrapolation that we can try before tackling load-balancing that. Level-set methods have so many different little tricks it's not even funny.

 - Åsmund

Jed Brown <jed at jedbrown.org> skrev:
Åsmund Ervik <asmund.ervik at ntnu.no> writes:

> Thanks for the answer, sorry for the long delay here, I got knocked
> out by the flu. Oh well.

And I'm typing with one hand...

> From your questions I now realize that perhaps the worst-scaling part
> of our code will be velocity extrapolation for level-set
> advection. This takes some time (not as much as the Poisson equation,
> maybe 5% of that) and only happens in a band around the interface. I
> guess we should look into alternatives to velocity extrapolation.

And it sounds like this part won't be load-balanced without significant
concessions and effort.
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