[petsc-users] Problem with DMDAVecGetArrayF90 and DMDAVecRestoreArrayF90

Jed Brown jed at jedbrown.org
Mon Apr 14 21:42:24 CDT 2014

TAY wee-beng <zonexo at gmail.com> writes:

> Hi Barry,
> As I mentioned earlier, the code works fine in PETSc debug mode but 
> fails in non-debug mode.
> My code works in this way:
> */DM  da_u,da_v,da_w/**/
> /**/
> /**/Vec 

This formatting is NOT easy to read.  Please send text.


> /**/To access the arrays, I did the following:/**/
> /**/
> /**/call DMDAVecGetArrayF90(da_u,u_local,u_array,ierr);    call 
> DMDAVecGetArrayF90(da_v,v_local,v_array,ierr);    call 
> DMDAVecGetArrayF90(da_w,w_local,w_array,ierr)/**/
> /**/
> /**/call I_IIB_uv_initial_1st_dm0(...,u_array,v_array,w_array)/**/
> /**/
> /**/call DMDAVecRestoreArrayF90(da_w,w_local,w_array,ierr)/**/
> /**/
> /**/call DMDAVecRestoreArrayF90(da_v,v_local,v_array,ierr)/**/-> hangs 
> at this point/**/or/**/

Which processes hang here?  Where are the other processes?  Get stack
traces for each process.  You can build in "optimized" mode with
debugging symbols.
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