[petsc-users] Difference between ex5f, ex5f90 and ex5f90t

TAY wee-beng zonexo at gmail.com
Wed Apr 2 05:18:55 CDT 2014


May I know what's the difference between ex5f, ex5f90 and ex5f90t?

I wrote my CFD code in F90, and I would like to create a Poisson solver 
subroutine based on the ex5 example. The solver will be placed inside a 

So which is the preferred format to use?

Btw, my code is something like this:

/*module PETSc_solvers*//*
*//*use set_matrix*//*
*//*use ibm*//*
*//*implicit none*//*
*//*subroutine semi_momentum_simple_xyz(du,dv,dw)*//*
*//*!discretise momentum eqn using semi-implicit mtd*//*
*//*!simple except east,west*//*
*//*#include "finclude/petsc.h90"*//*

PetscViewer    viewer

PetscScalar, pointer :: xx_v(:)*//*
*//*integer :: i,j,k,ijk,ierr,JJ,kk,*/


Thank you

Yours sincerely,

TAY wee-beng

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