[petsc-users] petsc-3.4.3.tar.gz now available

Satish Balay balay at mcs.anl.gov
Tue Oct 15 13:29:40 CDT 2013

Dear PETSc users,

The patch release petsc-3.4.3 is now available for download.

Some of the changes include:

    * Sys: Fix C/C++ choice for PETSC_RESTRICT and PETSC_STATIC_INLINE.

    * PCGAMG: fix corruption for multiple solves when MatSetNearNullSpace is used

    * Mat: add MATOP_ values for missing functions

    * Intel: Fix error encountered when using Intel compiler and changing gcc on
      PATH between configuring PETSc and building an application.

    * Configure: avoid string argument to __attribute((deprecated))

    * KSPDGMRES: fix conditional variable declarations

    * MatSBAIJ: avoid invalid memory read in MatSOR_SBAIJ

    * BGQ: Work around BG/Q MPI_Bcast bug.

    * PetscOptionsInsertFile: combine Bcasts for alias and values

    * Sys: ex13 avoid non-portable realpath(1) in verification test

    * Sys: fix PetscGetFullPath expansion of ~ and ~user, ensure NULL termination

    * Sys: avoid getpwuid in file path routines

    * MatXAIJSetPreallocation: use array[] notation to help out Fortran

    * Cygwin64: Fix build error with fenv.h

    * MatSchurComplement: Must initialize KSP package

    * SNES: Fix accidental creation of the matrices in SNESNCG used for linear analogue LS.

    * PCGAMG: add man page for PCGAMGType

    * SNES: Fixed SNESComputeJacobianDefaultColor() in the case of multilevel PC

    * Mat: fix Fortran interface for MatGetColumnNorms

    * Bfort: distinguishes between array[] and *pointer to decide whether the
      Fortran interface should have an array or a scalar.

    * DM: Fix for accidentally duplicated refcount decrement in dm->x

    * Doc: PetscLayoutCreate format code block and list

    * Sys: add PetscDataTypeFromString() and test code

    * PCGAMG: Always rebuild coarse Mat the first time

    * PCFactor: add PCFactorGetLevels

    * Dgmres: added option to view deflation vecs after solve.

    * MatPCFactor: include MatFactorShiftType in PCView_Factor output

    * AO: fix erroneous processing of -ao_view and factor into AOViewFromOptions

    * Viewer ASCII: print tabs to petsc_history, not fd

    * PCBJacobi: call KSPSetFromOptions(subksp) when PCSetUp was called first

    * PCGAMG: set bjacobi->same_local_solves=TRUE to clean coarse grid viewing

    * SNESMonitorCancel: enable fortran interface

    * BGQ: fix deadlock on bgq due to inconsistant values returned by getpwuid(getuid())

    * Scalapack: fix build by specifying mpi.h to build

    * MatSeqAIJGetArrayF90: add man pages and fix typo in MatDense version

    * SF docs: add link to summary page and fix title

    * Doc: Fixed DM code in manual

    * VTK: Small fix to error message (.vts to .vtu)

    * Config cmakeboot: add C++ flags any time compiler is available

    * Config OpenMP: check for C++ flag any time the compiler is available

    * Parms: update tarball with fix for namespace conflict with metis

    * Parmetis: update tarball to parmetis-4.0.2-p5 which fixes an install issue with cygwin

    * Viewer: fix Binary Matlab viewer info to use '#' instead of '%'

    * MatSetOption not always logically collective.

    * SNESVI: Fix computation of squared-norm in for the bt linesearch in the VIRS snes case

    * KSPSetDM docs: fix KSPSetDMActive args, add cross-references

    * Vec: fix flop counting to use map->n instead of non-existent map->m

    * Hdf5 installed without zlib should configure without neededing zlib dependency

    * Config: name of configure generated include file confdefs.h did not match name printed in configure.log of conftest.h

    * Vec: put back in flop counts for VecNorm_Seq

    * KSPFGMRES: make KSPMonitor usage match KSPGMRES

    * TS: Tutorial example has no embedded method so needs -ts_adapt_type none
      added MatSetUp calls to TS tutorials 16 and 21

    * DM: Updated DM test ex7.c to use valid command-line options to specify 2D and 3D grids.

    * PCMG: Fixed Fortran binding

    * TS: fix MSVC compiler error: non-POD member of anonymous struct

    * TS tests/ex3: SNESFD and TSComputeIJacobianConstant are incompatible

    * TS: fix shortcut scaling; document TSComputeIJacobianConstant limitations

    * TS: add TSRHSJacobianSetReuse, fixes TSComputeRHSJacobianConstant

    * Zoltan: X is listed as a required dependency of Zoltan but it is only optional

    * Doc: add petsctime.h to SOURCEH (fixes missing docs)

    * ABI: fix ABI compatibility for debug and optimized builds

    * Clang: Fix warning with clang-3.3.

    * Mat Chaco: remove another case of PETSC_DEFAULT out of range of enum


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