[petsc-users] cannot find PetscViewerHDF5 functions in libraries

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Thanks a lot. It works.
Date: Fri, 4 Oct 2013 14:00:09 -0500
Subject: Re: [petsc-users] cannot find PetscViewerHDF5 functions in libraries
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   The version of Petsc I am using is 3.3-p6.  I have hdf5 1.8.11 installed as well as. I am trying to use PetscViewerHDF5Open(), PetscViewerHDF5PushGroup(). But the compiling error shows undefined reference to `PetscViewerHDF5Open' and  undefined reference to `PetscViewerHDF5PushGroup'.  I also tried to compile /petsc-3.3-p6/src/vec/vec/examples/tutorials/ex19.c with petsc style makefile, the same error occurs.

 My config options are --with-cc=gcc --with-fc=gfortran --download-f-blas-lapack --download-mpich --with-cxx=g++ --download-hypre=1 --download-ml=1. Should I re-install petsc with --download-hdf5=1? Thanks.

If we do not install HDF5 for you, you still have to activate it during configure, --with-hdf5-include= --with-hdf5-lib=.

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