[petsc-users] Euclid/Hypre running slow

Manav Bhatia bhatiamanav at gmail.com
Tue Nov 19 11:11:31 CST 2013


    I am using ilu(k) preconditioner from Euclid/Hypre on my Mac OS 10.9
box with 12 processors and openmpi v1.7.3 from macports.

    I find that for 1 CPU (-np 1) the code runs reasonably fast, but when
multiple processors are included the solver runs significantly slow (by
orders of magnitude). I ran the time profiler on one of the processes
spawned by openmpirun, and it seems to be taking a lot of time in
MPI_Waitall called from Euclid_dhSetup.

    This could very well be a Hypre issue, but I wanted to check to see if
anynoe on the Petsc list has experience a similar problem.

    Any suggestions/inputs are welcome.

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