[petsc-users] Boundary Nodes of DMPlex object

Dharmendar Reddy dharmareddy84 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 25 18:03:48 CDT 2013

         I need to mark the nodes on the boundary of a mesh to impose
Dirichlet BC.  I am doing the following:

     call DMPlexGetHeightStratum(subdm,1,facetIdStart,facetIdend,ierr)
     do facetId=facetIdStart,facetIdEnd
       ! check if a facet is internal, i.e., numSharedCell=2 because a
facet is
       ! shared by two cells
       call DMPlexGetSupportSize(subdm,facetId,numSharedCell,ierr)
       if(numSharedCell==1) then ! facet is a boundary face
         ! mark the nodes of this face as boundary

       end if
     end do

How do i get the 0-cells (ie nodes) forming given dim-cell ?

Am i using the right approach ?
Also, is there DMPlex functionality to mark boundary nodes ?

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