[petsc-users] Advice Being Sought

Tahar Amari tahar.amari at polytechnique.edu
Mon Apr 22 10:18:06 CDT 2013

Great Thanks for clarifying .

Le 22 avr. 2013 à 17:14, Jed Brown a écrit :

> Tahar Amari <tahar.amari at polytechnique.edu> writes:
>> I am not sure I understand your point.  I guess you mean that inside
>> petsc only a version of Gmres working with preconditioning is not yet
>> implemanted , Am I right ?
> I have no idea what Matt intended to say, but all PETSc Krylov methods
> use preconditioners.  However, as Matt and Mark said, multigrid is much
> better than block Jacobi as a preconditioner for these problems.

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