[petsc-users] coordinate point location in mesh

Jed Brown jedbrown at mcs.anl.gov
Thu Apr 4 22:42:54 CDT 2013

On Thu, Apr 4, 2013 at 10:33 PM, Dharmendar Reddy
<dharmareddy84 at gmail.com>wrote:

>         Do i am currently cloned petsc using git. Looks like the function
> you mentioned is in knepley/pylith. How do i switch to that branch ?
> I guess i need to pull the branch before switching ?
> git branch knepley/pylith

That would create a new branch at the current HEAD, you want 'git checkout
knepley/pylith' which should tell you:

  Branch knepley/pylith set up to track remote branch knepley/pylith from
  Switched to a new branch 'knepley/pylith'

Since the old 'knepley/pylith' was merged to 'master' a while back, Matt
probably would have been better off to have fast-forwarded his branch so
that it used all the latest stuff in 'master'.

> and
> reconfigure ?
> May not be of (immediate) concern but an observation about the
> LocatePoint_<Simplex> codes.
> I see that test is done for every cell by calculating the ref cell mapped
> coordinates for a given point. It might help speed up things if there is a
> test to first check if the given point is with in the square/cube
> containing the simplex.
> The above test will make sure that the point is inside the cell or with in
> one of the adjoining cells.
> I am assuming the DMPlex object has information about cells adjoining a
> given cell. Since the LocatePoint_<Simplex> calculates the ref cell mapped
> coordinates, I may be wrong here but i am thinking we can use that
> information to check outside which facet of the refcell the given point is
> and then try to locate the point in the cell sharing that facet.
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