[petsc-users] DMPlexProjectFunction and Boundary Conditions

Dharmendar Reddy dharmareddy84 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 3 07:04:21 CDT 2013

        I see that in DMPlexComputeResidualFEM boundary conditions are
applied using DMPlexProjectFunctionLocal. I was wondering why is there a
loop over all local vertex Ids and a call to
evaluation function on line 241 below. If i am not wrong, i can see that
VecSetValuesSection is only to the points indicated as boundary points in
DMPlexCreatSection.  Should one call lines 235:242 only if v is constrained
node ? Also, should the user provide functions for all components of all
fields, is there a way to update add value of only the field that is
constrained ?

234:   for (v = vStart; v < vEnd; ++v) {235:     PetscInt
dof, off;
237:     PetscSectionGetDof
v, &dof);238:     PetscSectionGetOffset
v, &off);239:     if (dof > dim) SETERRQ2
PETSC_ERR_ARG_WRONG, "Cannot have more coordinates %d then dimensions
%d", dof, dim);240:     for (d = 0; d < dof; ++d) coords[d] =
PetscRealPart(cArray[off+d]);241:     for (c = 0; c < numComp; ++c)
values[c] = (*funcs[c])(coords);242:     VecSetValuesSection
section, v, values, mode);243:   }

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