[petsc-users] Petsc/Slepc Integration with Code Blocks IDE

Sonya Blade sonyablade2010 at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 1 07:47:20 CDT 2013

Thank you Jed,
After running the code it retrieves, the given results
$ make getlinklibs
1> -Wl,-rpath,/cygdrive/c/Users/...../Downloads/petsc-3.3-p6/arch-mswin-c-debug/lib 
2> -L/cygdrive/c/Users/...../Downloads/petsc-3.3-p6/arch-mswin-c-debug/lib -lpetsc -lX11 -lpthread -Wl,
3>-rpath,/cygdrive/c/Users/...../Downloads/petsc-3.3-p6/arch-mswin-c-debug/lib -lflapack -lfblas 
4>-L/usr/lib/gcc/i686-pc-cygwin/4.5.3 -lmpichf90 -lgfortran -lgcc_s -lgdi32 -luser32 -ladvapi32 -lkernel32 -ldl -lpmpich 
5>-lmpich -lopa -lmpl -lpthread -lgcc_eh -luser32 -ladvapi32 -lshell32 -ldl
I've tried to parse out so it can be more readable, in the second line there is -lX11 and -lpthread 
libraries which I don't have in the mentioned folder.
And should I add those libraries gdi32, advapi32, kernel32, shell32 depicted 
in the 4 and 5 line ? It seems they are intrinsic libraries that I'm not supposed to 
dealt with.

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