[petsc-users] Benchmarking different PETSc installations

Tabrez Ali stali at geology.wisc.edu
Fri Nov 9 12:38:38 CST 2012

You can start by benchmarking MatMult which I guess is one of the 
heavily used kernels native to PETSc.

Based on few runs (attached), which I tried a while back, I am yet to 
see a large difference across different compilers (for MatMult).

Also for some reason I was not able to use -fast with Intel and -O3 with 
Open64 compilers (PETSc's build system was complaining and I dont 
exactly remember why).


On 11/09/2012 11:20 AM, Reuben D. Budiardja wrote:
> Hello,
> I would like to compare / benchmark several different PETSc installations on my
> system. The differences may be: different compilers or compiler flags, different
> libraries used by PETSc (e.g. BLAS&LAPACK, and any other packages used by
> PETSc that I included in the build like SuperLU_Dist, Metis/ParMetis, Hypre,
> etc). Some of these libraries were provided by different vendors and some we
> built ourselves and I'd like to compare the performances as used by PETSc.
> So I am wondering if there's any kind of general PETSc benchmarking code out
> there that can do this. The more thorough parts of PETSc that gets exersized
> by the benchmark code the better, but even if only parts are tested it'd be
> useful too. Also I'm more interested on the benchmark code that can run with
> larger number of processors (e.g. order of hundreds and thousands). I've tried
> Google search but that hasn't yielded much of anything. So any help in
> pointing me to the right direction is greatly appreciated.
> Thank you

No one trusts a model except the one who wrote it; Everyone trusts an observation except the one who made it - Harlow Shapley

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