[petsc-users] Benchmarking different PETSc installations

Reuben D. Budiardja reubendb at utk.edu
Fri Nov 9 11:20:06 CST 2012


I would like to compare / benchmark several different PETSc installations on my 
system. The differences may be: different compilers or compiler flags, different 
libraries used by PETSc (e.g. BLAS&LAPACK, and any other packages used by 
PETSc that I included in the build like SuperLU_Dist, Metis/ParMetis, Hypre, 
etc). Some of these libraries were provided by different vendors and some we 
built ourselves and I'd like to compare the performances as used by PETSc.

So I am wondering if there's any kind of general PETSc benchmarking code out 
there that can do this. The more thorough parts of PETSc that gets exersized 
by the benchmark code the better, but even if only parts are tested it'd be 
useful too. Also I'm more interested on the benchmark code that can run with 
larger number of processors (e.g. order of hundreds and thousands). I've tried 
Google search but that hasn't yielded much of anything. So any help in 
pointing me to the right direction is greatly appreciated. 

Thank you

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