[petsc-users] AMG using ML : Advanced monitoring

Karthik Duraisamy dkarthik at stanford.edu
Fri May 11 19:20:29 CDT 2012

-mg_levels_4_ksp_type gmres -mg_levels_4_ksp_gmres_restart 300 -mg_levels_4_ksp_gmres_max_it 300 -mg_levels_4_ksp_compute_eigenvalues -mg_levels_4_pc_type none 

Quick followup question - When solving Ax = b, I have an outer loop that keeps feeding the same A matrix to the KSP solver, but with different initial guesses for x. When doing this, I get slightly different eigenvalue estimates every time (minimum real part off by 10%). I just want to confirm that this is because of the iterative process.


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