[petsc-users] [petsc-dev] second patch for DMDAVecGetArrayF90

Blaise Bourdin bourdin at lsu.edu
Wed Jul 11 16:12:32 CDT 2012

Rectification: clone petsc-3.3, not petsc-dev, of course...

> There is something fishy in your tree or your build: the patch that Satish sent addressed this issue, but it clearly has not been applied to your tree. The patch I had originally sent contained an error. For instance, F90ARRAY4DACCESSFORTRANADDR was replaced by F90ARRAY4dACCESSFORTRANADDR (note the capitalization of the "d"). These are the symbols that are unresolved in your build.
> How about starting from a clean state: 
> - rename your current petsc-dev tree
> - clone petsc-dev from the official tree (BTW, do you really need petsc-dev, and not 3.3?)
> - apply the patch Satish sent you or, quoting Satich 
>>> edit src/sys/f90-src/f90_cwrap.c and replace all occurrences of 'F90ARRAY4d' with 'F90ARRAY4D'
> - run configure with your favorite options, then make
> This should fix your problem.

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