[petsc-users] Appending to vector / numerical continuation / slepc

Kevin Green kevin.richard.green at gmail.com
Wed Oct 5 12:46:22 CDT 2011


I was just wondering what the simplest way to create a new N+k dim where the
first N come from a DA.  It seems to me that I would have to go the round
about way of getting the array, then writing that to the first N components
of the new vector... I think there would be a bit of a pain for the parallel
case when doing this though, like in managing the change in the local sizes
when going from N to N+k... perhaps it's not that tricky.  Also, with DAs I
don't have to worry about orderings, correct?

Essentially I want to get pseudo-arclength continuation working using the
SNES solver.  Another option I'm thinking is that rather than using an
extended vector, I could use a MatShell where the added components are
located within its context, and updated upon matmult...since k is typically
small, this seems reasonable.  Do you know of any code/projects that make
use of the SNES module for continuation?  Any thoughts on what would be the
better or simpler way of doing this?

I'm using petsc-3.1 right now, as I also need slepc...which hasn't been
updated to work with 3.2 yet, as far as I know.  I'm fairly new to
petsc/slepc... so I have to ask, what is the timescale like between the
release of a new petsc, and update of slepc?  Or is there a way to get slepc
working with the new release?

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