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Stephen Wornom stephen.wornom at inria.fr
Fri Jan 28 10:19:11 CST 2011

Jed Brown wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 27, 2011 at 06:45, Stephen Wornom <stephen.wornom at inria.fr 
> <mailto:stephen.wornom at inria.fr>> wrote:
>     I have an unstructured mesh created from a structured x,y,z Cartesian
>     mesh.
> What does this mean?
Usually one defines the mesh vertices on the exterior faces and the mesh 
generator determines the location of the mesh vertices inside the 
Since I have no mesh generator, I simply created a 3D structured mesh 
and wrote the mesh in an unstructured format (tetrahedra, ... etc). Thus 
metis reads an unstructured mesh.
>     Is it possible to partition the mesh along x= constant values
>     (partitions are slice in x of the global mesh).
> Sure, but the partitions may not be "good".
How do I tell metis to partition the mesh so that the partition 
boundaries are along x= constant lines?
Hope this helps.

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