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Tahar Amari amari at cpht.polytechnique.fr
Fri Nov 12 15:31:25 CST 2010


I have written a C/C++ code on unstructured mesh (tetrahedra) , using pthreads but not MPI.

1 Is it a good idea to use petsc as a framework as an easier high level library 
for interface to MPI in order to parallelize the code 

2.  If yes. I have fields on various location on my mesh ; some variables are 
     defined at cell center, otheres on edges, and others on faces.
      Does petsc allow to avoid to deal with low level MPI routines to 
      get and set the ghost values between partitions  to evaluate some functions
      such as fluxes at cell faces which needs different variables which may
       lie on different partitions  ?
      (I have seen on the talk 
      page 81
      some code lines which suggest that it is simple 
     /∗ Code to communicate nonlocal ghost point data ∗/ 
	VecGetArray(F, &f ); 
	/∗ Code to compute local function components ∗/ 
	VecRestoreArray(F, &f );
	return 0;

       Would it be possible to get some advice please ?



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