[petsc-users] Is the staggered grid good for SNES? or only for SIMPLE scheme?

Barry Smith bsmith at mcs.anl.gov
Tue Jan 26 17:08:42 CST 2010

   Typing "why use staggered grids?" into google gave me the first  
answer:  http://www.cfd-online.com/Wiki/Staggered_grid

   Though a bit terse and far from complete it is more or less  
correct. As it states, coding a non-staggered grid is generally easier,

   You can use or not use staggered grids for such problems but you  
should understand something about the issues before you do anything.  
This isn't really a question about PDEs but a question about PDE  
discretizations for which there is a huge literature. You should talk  
to a fluid dynamics person about your particular problem.


On Jan 26, 2010, at 4:57 PM, Ryan Yan wrote:

> Hi All,
> I am re-thinking my discretization of a problem: is the stagger grid  
> only good for SIMPLE scheme?
> I am wondering if I am using a stagger grid with FVM to discretize  
> the conservation system(velocity, pressure, internal energy), is  
> there any drawback of using newton's method to solve it, comparing  
> with the SIMPLE scheme for which the staggered grid is suit for? I  
> am not sure whether the question is asked properly, please feel free  
> to ask more information if needed. Any comment is welcome.
> Thanks a lot,
> Yan

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