[petsc-users] petsc-users Digest, Vol 16, Issue 23

Li, Zhisong (lizs) lizs at mail.uc.edu
Mon Apr 19 16:28:47 CDT 2010

Hi, Jed

Yes, I did have "--download-mpich=1" when I installed PETSc.  To use "--with-mpi-dir=/path/to/system/mpi ?", Do you mean I should reinstall PETSc with this option or add this as a run command option? It seems it's not recognized as a run command option.

Anyway, this should be a fundamental issue running PETSc. Why doesn't it happen to many other users? On machines of Ohio supercomputer center, I could not easily install any software for myself. I can only upload my complied executable and run it there using their default MPI setup.


Zhisong Li

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On Mon, 19 Apr 2010 20:05:06 +0000, "Li, Zhisong (lizs)" <lizs at mail.uc.edu> wrote:
> Mat and Jed,
> Thank you for your reply.
> As far as I remembered, the make test was successful except the Fortran complier, but I only use C for my work.
> I tried " $ cd src/snes/examples/tutorials && make -n ex5" and it shows: /home/lizs/petsc/linux-gnu-c-debug/bin/mpicc  ex5.c  -o  ex5

Looks like configure has built an MPI for you.  Did you use
--download-mpich ?

> All the machines have mpi package installed before I got to touch
> PETSc.

Maybe you wanted to use --with-mpi-dir=/path/to/system/mpi ?


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