[petsc-users] PaStiX does not work

Gong Ding gdiso at ustc.edu
Wed Apr 7 08:06:23 CDT 2010

Dear Barry,
Very sorry. It is my mistake.
I set PC to ILU again in another function when PasTIX is used (but MUMPS is right).
Now it works, thanks.

Gong Ding

>    If you use MUMPS then you should be able to use PaStiX just by  
> changing that one line. It should not suddenly say that it is using  
> ILU when you have indicated LU.
> Are you sure that PETSc was installed to use PasTIX? PasTIX certainly  
> will work with KSPREONLY (just like MUMPS).
>    Perhaps you should run the entire application with valgrind (www.valgrind.org 
> ) http://www.mcs.anl.gov/petsc/petsc-as/documentation/ 
> faq.html#valgrind to see if there is some memory corruption that is  
> causing the problem.
>   So run with MUMPS, change that one line and run with PASTIX and  
> send us the output (with like -ksp_view) for the two cases all to petsc-maint at mcs.anl.gov 
>  not petsc-users
>    Barry
> On Apr 6, 2010, at 9:33 PM, Gong Ding wrote:
>> Dear Barry
>> The mainly petsc related file is attached.
>> The whole project is very large, it is a 3D/parallel code for  
>> semiconductor simulation.
>> You can download the source code from http://www.cogenda.com/downloads/category/7-genius-open-source-edition.html
>> It can be compiled with petsc 3.0. I am now adding 3.1 support.
>> I had use MUMPS solver for quite a long time by the same code:
>> PCFactorSetMatSolverPackage (pc, MAT_SOLVER_MUMPS);
>> It works well for most of the time. However, it may crash (when  
>> other solver like KSP type works).
>> I'd like to try PASTIX if it is faster and more stable.
>> Yours
>> Gong Ding
>>> On Apr 6, 2010, at 7:04 PM, Gong Ding wrote:
>>>> Dear Petsc developer,
>>>> I found a problem that PASTIX solver can not be loaded from PETSC,
>>>> even for 3.1 version.
>>>> When I use following code, the ksp_view told me that PC is ilu. And
>>>> the snes solver can not convergence at all.
>>>> ierr = KSPSetType (ksp, (char*) KSPPREONLY); assert(!ierr);//it
>>>> seems PaStiX don't work with KSPPREONLY
>>>> ierr = PCSetType  (pc, (char*) PCLU);
>>>> ierr = PCFactorSetMatSolverPackage (pc, MAT_SOLVER_PASTIX); assert(!
>>>> ierr);
>>>> Is it a bug or I made something wrong?
>>>  You are doing something wrong but one cannot tell from just this
>>> code fragment.  Send the entire code to petsc-maint at mcs.anl.gov and
>>> the options you used to run it and the output it produced.
>>>   Barry
>>>> Yours
>>>> Gong Ding
>> <fvm_nonlinear_solver.cc>

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