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Matt Funk mafunk at
Tue Sep 29 17:32:53 CDT 2009


i have another question regarding how petsc uses memory w.r.t caching in 
MatSetValues .

My code does the standard stuff:
1) i preallocate the memory
2) i insert the values via MatSetValues
3)i assemble it.

Say, for example i declare a 100x100 matrix with 10 NZ entries per row.
After 1), will the memory used for the matrix be 100^2*10*sizeof(double)?

After 2), will the memory used be 100^2*10*sizeof(double) from the prealloc 
PLUS 100^2*10*sizeof(double) form the caching of values

After 3), will the memory then be reduced back to 100^2*10*sizeof(double)?

My concern is step 2). If it is using memory for prealloc and seperately for 
caching, then is there a way to flush the cached values to the preallocated 
slots? I tried finding stuff in the manual pages but i am not quite sure if i 
can or not.

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