Schur decomposition

Jose E. Roman jroman at
Tue Sep 29 12:52:58 CDT 2009

On 29/09/2009, Marco Schauer wrote:

> Dear PETSc developers,
> I translate a sequential Fortran code, which uses LAPACK into a  
> parallel c++ code based on PETSc 3.0.0-p7. The Fortran code uses a  
> function called DGEES to calculate Schur decomposition. I have  
> absolutely no idea how to do this in PETSc. Is there a PETSc example  
> of this problem? Every hint is very welcome to me.
> Best regards
> Marco

If in your application it is sufficient to compute a partial Schur  
decomposition, you may consider using SLEPc.


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