stdout and KSPMonitor

Alex Peyser peyser.alex at
Wed Oct 7 19:15:35 CDT 2009

I'm just sending this for anybody who ever runs into this problem:

If you kill stderr or stdout somewhere in your code (particularly if you have 
your own mpi launcher that does the spawn), KSPMonitor functions will simply 
kill the process on output. Not surprising -- it doesn't have many recovery 
options, other than I guess propagating an error up.

This is definitely the case for petsc-2.3.3 -- I doubt that such code would 
have been changed in more modern versions. It's entirely possible that it 
isn't even in the petsc code this occurs, but that some mpi implementations 
are handling the output to stdout when it's closed by killing the process.

It just creates a bit of chasing, since such code would probably be quite 
remote from the petsc calls themselves, and at least mpich2 makes it 
impossible to localize in the running code.

Alex Peyser
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