MatLoad a large matrix into SEQAIJ

SUN Chun Chun.SUN at
Fri May 15 08:58:02 CDT 2009

Hello PETSc developers,


I was trying to MatLoad a large matrix into a serial machine. The matrix is about 6G on disk (binary). I'm seeing signal 11 on MatLoad phase. However, I was able to load other smaller matrices (less than 1G) in serial (although I haven't binary-searched to find out what is the critical size of the crash). Also, I was able to load the 6G matrix when I ran with 4 cores, meaning SEQAIJ type has become  MPIAIJ type. BTW I built and ran PETSc on both 64-bit lnx86_64 machines.


I'm not sure if you have seen this. I'm not sure if this is a bug because I'm still using 2.3.3 instead of 3.0, and I also suspect I might have missed something on build or run. Have you seen this?




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