Mumps, BoomerAMG, or Pestc?

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> Dear petsc team,
> I known your excellent codes several months ago. I want to use Mumps as
> direct solver for multi-sources problem and BoomerAMG for real-value based
> iterative solver. I went though the doc of the petsc. It showed that petsc
> offered a easy and top interface to these two packages. So, I think if I
> chose the petsc as my tools, the coding work should be easier for me as only
> data structure of petsc should be leaned, not one for Mumps and one for
> Hypre.
> Am I right? can pestc do the work Mumps and BloomAMG do?  I want to get
> your confirm on my decision. As you said, sometimes it is important to make
> a correct decision and also to learn petsc should not be a short way. If
> petsc really do the fast direct solving and fast algebra multigrid
> algorithms by Mumps and BloomAMG, respectively, I think PESTC should
> definitely be the first choice for my following PhD project.

Yes, PETSc provides a uniform interface to both BoomerAMG and MUMPS. You
must indicate during configure that
you want both packages (--download-mumps --download-hypre) and then they are
available as a mat_solver_package
and a PC if you build an AIJ matrix.



> Best regards,
> Zhengyong
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> Department of Geoscience
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