Mumps, BoomerAMG, or Pestc?

RenZhengYong renzhengyong at
Fri Mar 13 06:03:16 CDT 2009

Dear petsc team,

I known your excellent codes several months ago. I want to use Mumps as
direct solver for multi-sources problem and BoomerAMG for real-value based
iterative solver. I went though the doc of the petsc. It showed that petsc
offered a easy and top interface to these two packages. So, I think if I
chose the petsc as my tools, the coding work should be easier for me as only
data structure of petsc should be leaned, not one for Mumps and one for

Am I right? can pestc do the work Mumps and BloomAMG do?  I want to get your
confirm on my decision. As you said, sometimes it is important to make a
correct decision and also to learn petsc should not be a short way. If petsc
really do the fast direct solving and fast algebra multigrid algorithms by
Mumps and BloomAMG, respectively, I think PESTC should definitely be the
first choice for my following PhD project.

Best regards,


Zhengyong Ren
AUG Group, Institute of Geophysics
Department of Geoscience
NO H 47 Sonneggstrasse 5
CH-8092, Zürich, Switzerland
Tel: +41 44 633 37561
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