matrix creation on LAPACK mode

Takuya Sekikawa sekikawa at
Thu Jul 2 23:30:30 CDT 2009


I made eigenvalue solver program with SLEPc. in my program, to 
setup matrix, I use MatCreateSeqAIJ() function.

void setupMatrix(int m, int n)
	PetscErrorCode ierr;

	ierr=MatCreateSeqAIJ(PETSC_COMM_WORLD, m, n, nz, PETSC_NULL,

Normally I select solver as KrylovSchur, but sometimes I switched solver
to LAPACK. with using LAPACK, result seems to be no problem. but I
suspect calculation time takes longer (because of using MatCreateSeqAIJ)

Does switching matrix create function to MatCreateSeqDense() give any
effect to speed up on LAPACK mode?

   Takuya Sekikawa
         Mathematical Systems, Inc
                   sekikawa at

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