MatGetLocalSize() and MatDenseGetLocalMatrix()

Yujie recrusader at
Tue Jan 6 11:52:45 CST 2009

Dear PETSc developers:

I am trying to use MatGetArray() and MatSetValues() to combine several
MPIDense matrices into one matrix. At the beginning, I use

MatGetOwnershipRange() and Mat->camp.rstart; Mat->cmap.rend (2.3.3-p8
version) to get the start, end row and column. I can calculate the local
rows and columns.

I also use MatGetLocalSize() to confirm the accuracy. However, I always find
some data loses in the combined matrix.

And then, I try to use MatDenseGetLocalMatrix() to get the lcoal matrix and
output it. I find column information by MatGetLocalSize() is not consistent
with by MatDenseGetLocalMatrix(), is it bug? could you give me some advice?
thanks a lot.


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