ksp ex29.c B.C.s and Forcing terms.

Ryan Yan vyan2000 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 11 15:40:38 CST 2009

Hi All,
I am tring to understand the example in ksp tutorials ex29.c

For the forcing terms of codes,

array[j][i] =

if ignoring the scaling, then it is actually calculating a forcing function:

f = e^{-( x)^2/\nu} e^{-( y)^2/\nu}, which is different with the one given
in the comments of the code. Or did I miss somthing here?

For the Dirichlet B.C.s, I did not understand the coefficients
below. Isn't correct to set the v[0]=Hx*Hy here?

if (i==0 || j==0 || i==mx-1 || j==my-1) {

if (user->bcType == DIRICHLET) {
  v[0] = 2.0*rho*(HxdHy + HydHx);

Also, for Nueman B.C.s, are we solving for du/dx+du/dy=0?

Sorry for so many detail questions, and thank you very much for any

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