symmetric reordering and incomplete factorization with tolerance?

zhifeng sheng z.sheng at
Tue Sep 16 10:57:08 CDT 2008

Dear Barry

I tried the RCM+ICC(2) in Petsc.... it seems that the reordering does 
not work well... as I view the preconditioner, it does not say in which 
way the matrix is reordered.

And when I solve it with KSP, the solver always complains about

Detected zero pivot in Cholesky factorization

How could it be?

Best regards

Barry Smith wrote:
>    You should use rcm+icc if you want to keep a symmetric preconditioner.
>    Depending on your matrix you might want to use KSPCR or KSPMINRES 
> or even KSPSYMMLQ
> instead of bicgstab?
>    We don't have a drop tolerance ICC and I do not recommend our drop 
> tolerance ILU.
>    Barry
> On Sep 16, 2008, at 10:23 AM, zhifeng sheng wrote:
>> Dear all
>> I used the reordering scheme in petsc, and I would like to know 
>> whether they are symmetric or not.
>> I have a symmetric matrix (for 3D system) and I tried to solve it 
>> with petsc and with matlab.
>> In petsc I used rcm + ILU + bicgstab. while in matlab I used 
>> symrcm+ICC+bicgstab.
>> it seems that with symmetric reordering, the factorization is 
>> somewhat faster... So I am wondering if it is possible to apply a 
>> symmetric reordering?
>> PS: in Matlab, an incomplete factorization can be done with a 
>> tolerance (e.g. ICC(1e-4) ), can I do something like that with Petsc?
>> Thanks a lot
>> Best regards
>> Zhifeng Sheng

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