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I just want to share my experience with FE assembly.
I think the problem of preallocation in finite element matrices is that you don't know how many elements are connected to a given node, there can be 5, 20 elements or more. You can build a structure with the number of nodes connected to a node and then preallocate the matrix but this is not very efficient.

I know UMFPACK has a method of forming triplets with the matrix information and then it has routines to add duplicate entries and compress the data in a compressed matrix format. Although I have never used UMFPACK with PETSC. I also don't know if there are similiar functions in PETSC optimized for FE matrix assembly. 



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Also, slightl less important,  collapse the 4 MatSetValues() below  
into a single call that does the little two by two block


On May 28, 2008, at 9:07 AM, Lars Rindorf wrote:

> Hi everybody
> I have a problem with MatSetValues, since the building of my matrix  
> takes much longer (35 s) than its solution (0.2 s). When the number  
> of degrees of freedom is increased, then the problem worsens. The  
> rate of which the elements of the (sparse) matrix is set also seems  
> to decrease with the number of elements already set. That is, it  
> becomes slower near the end.
> The structure of my program is something like:
> for element in finite elements
>     for dof in element
>         for equations in FEM formulation
>             ierr = MatSetValues(M->M,1,&i,1,&j,&tmp,ADD_Values);
>             ierr = MatSetValues(M->M,1,&k,1,&l,&tmp,ADD_Values);
>             ierr = MatSetValues(M->M,1,&i,1,&l,&tmp,ADD_Values);
>             ierr = MatSetValues(M->M,1,&k,1,&j,&tmp,ADD_Values);
> where i,j,k,l are appropriate integers and tmp is a double value to  
> be added.
> The code has fine worked with previous version of petsc (not  
> compiled by me). The version of petsc that I use is slightly newer  
> (I think), 2.3.3 vs ~2.3.
> Is it something of an dynamic allocation problem? I have tried using  
> MatSetValuesBlock, but this is only slightly faster. If I monitor  
> the program's CPU and memory consumption then the CPU is 100 % used  
> and the memory consumption is only 20-30 mb.
> My computer is a red hat linux with a xeon quad core processor. I  
> use Intel's MKL blas and lapack.
> What should I do to speed up the petsc?
> Kind regards
> Lars
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