mesh ordering and partition

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> I think, if you are using the serial PETSc ILU, you should just use a
> MatOrdering,
> which can be done from the command line:
>  -pc_type ilu -pc_factor_mat_ordering_type rcm
> which I tested on KSP ex2.
>  Matt

I am developing parallel code for 3D semiconductor device simulation.
>From the experience of 2D code, the GMRES solver with ILU works well (the 
matrix is asymmetric.)
As a result, I'd like to use GMRES+ILU again for 3D,  in parallel.
Does   -pc_type ilu -pc_factor_mat_ordering_type rcm still work?
Since the parallel martrix requires continuous index in subdomain, the 
matrix ordering seems troublesome.
maybe only a local ordering can be done... Am I right?

Gong Ding

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