Parallel petsc with external UMFPACK

Lars Rindorf Lars.Rindorf at
Tue May 13 08:49:19 CDT 2008

I'm thinking about using petsc to solve a linear system (Ax=b) using
parallelization on a couple of linux computers. It is very important for
my system (electromagnetics) to use a direct solver, such as UMFPACK.
Iterative solvers perform very poorly. 
My question is:  I can see that UMFPACK is not listed
le.html) on the petsc page. Are there any plans to expand petsc to also
include petsc?
The UMFPACK homepage says that there exist a parallization for UMFPACK
by Steve Hadfield. Can his parallelization be used with petsc?
I must add, that although I like numerics and maths I do not intend to
program 'from scratch'. 
Kind regards
Lars Rindorf


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