Q. of multi-componet system and data from input file

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Tue May 13 10:14:05 CDT 2008

Many thanks for your help!
> From: bsmith at mcs.anl.gov
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> Subject: Re: Q. of multi-componet system and data from input file
> Date: Mon, 12 May 2008 19:07:33 -0500
> On May 12, 2008, at 1:59 PM, tsjb00 wrote:
>> Hi, there! I am a beginner of PETSc and I have some questions about  
>> using PETSc to solve for a multi-componet system. The code is  
>> supposed to be applicable to different systems, where number of  
>> components, properties of components ,etc. would be input for the  
>> program.
>> Say I define DA with dof=number of components = nc, number of grid  
>> in x,y,z = nx,ny,nz respectively. When I use DA related functions,  
>> it seems that by default the data objects (vectors, arrays, etc.)  
>> would be of nx*ny*nz*nc. However, some physical variables are  
>> independent of specific components, which means I need to handle  
>> data objects of nx*ny*nz*integral. My questions are:
>> Does PETSc include tools or examples to deal with such problems?
>> If not, how can I make sure the 'nx*ny*nz*any integral' data objects  
>> are distributed over the nodes in a way defined by DA? I am using  
>> PETSc_Decide for partitioning right now. I would prefer that at  
>> least the number of processors be flexible.
>     I do not understand your question but here is a stab at it. For  
> each different nc you need in your code you simply create a different  
> DA. For example if you have
> two fields you want together and also have three fields together you  
> would create one DA for the 2 dof and one for the 3 dof. Adding a  
> couple more DA's won't take
> much memory or time.
>     You can use DAVecGetArray() to access the values for a fixed dof,  
> if sometimes you want nc to be different for different runs within the  
> same
> loops you can use DAVecGetArrayDOF(). You access values via x[k][j][i] 
> [l] where l goes from 0 to dof-1 for the dof that you used to create  
> the DA.
>     Barry
>> I need to read in a property f(x,y,z) from a data file and then  
>> distribute the data across different processors. Any suggestions on  
>> this would be appreciated. My concern is that if I use MPI_Send/ 
>> Receive, the data to be transferred might correspond to  
>> discontinuous indices due to the partitioning.
>> Many thanks in advance!
>> BJ
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