Doubts concerning matrix reorderings!

Rafael Santos Coelho rafaelsantoscoelho at
Mon Mar 3 10:50:12 CST 2008

Hello, everyone! (:

Thank you very much, Barry, for your reply. I'll attempt to reconfigure
PETSc with such external packages, as you told me, and see how it goes...

As for your questions, Lisandro:

1) Incompressible bidimensional flow problem, via finite differences
(Darcy's law) resulting in a pentadiagonal coefficient matrix;

2) Currently, I've been working with GMRES and LCD and now I intend to
analyse in what way matrix reorderings routines affect the solving process
(fill-in reduction, stability, number of iterations, etc);

I realize it's an easy problem and so matrix reorderings might not be too
advantageous. But still, the main reason I want to pursue this it's because
soon I'll be dealing with more complex nonlinear problems and when that time
comes, I already plan to be familiarized with reorderings [:


Rafael Santos Coelho
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