Doubts concerning matrix reorderings!

Lisandro Dalcin dalcinl at
Mon Mar 3 08:48:57 CST 2008

Dear Rafael, two questions:

* What kind of flow problem are you trying to solve? compressible or
incompressible? Or just an advection problem? What discretization
method are you using?

* Have you considered using iterative methods for this, or you are
actually investigating direct methods for your problem at hand?

On 3/2/08, Rafael Santos Coelho <rafaelsantoscoelho at> wrote:
> Hello, folks! (:
> My name is Rafael and in order to get started with PETSc, I began writing a
> program which solves, in parallel, a simple fluid flow linear problem. Now,
> I want to experiment more by trying some matrix reordering schemes and
> observing the impact they might cause. So after reading PETSc's
> documentation, I couldn't find good examples to help me out. Say, for
> instance, I want to use RCM. How would it be? Will a simple call to the
> PCFactorSetMatOrdering() function do it? Or is there more? Just to remember
> you, it's a parallel code...
> Thanks in advance (:
> Rafael Santos Coelho

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