valgrind PetscInitialize

mafunk at mafunk at
Tue Jan 29 11:13:32 CST 2008


i was wondering if anyone has an idea what the problem could be. All i am
doing in program is to call MPI_Init() and then PetscInitialize(). I
valgrind it and i get the following about PetscInitialize(). It is not a
big  deal but it bothers me a little.

==7369== 292 (52 direct, 240 indirect) bytes in 1 blocks are definitely
lost in loss record 1 of 6
==7369==    at 0x4A1B858: malloc (vg_replace_malloc.c:149)
==7369==    by 0x609963F: nss_parse_service_list (in
==7369==    by 0x6099D95: __nss_database_lookup (in
==7369==    by 0x660863F: ???
==7369==    by 0x6609723: ???
==7369==    by 0x6050F84: getpwuid_r@@GLIBC_2.2.5 (in
==7369==    by 0x605090E: getpwuid (in /usr/lib/debug/
==7369==    by 0x450D53: PetscGetUserName(char*, unsigned long) (fuser.c:67)
==7369==    by 0x41E236: PetscErrorPrintfInitialize() (errtrace.c:69)
==7369==    by 0x445D7C: PetscInitialize(int*, char***, char const*, char
const*) (pinit.c:509)
==7369==    by 0x4089E8: main (CardiacSim.cpp:278)

I am not the expert on valgrind, but is it possible that the problem is my
c library. Has anyone encountered this?


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