Referencing the manual web pages

Mads Hoel mfhoel at
Thu Jan 10 04:14:24 CST 2008

Hi all PETSc users!

I have looked at your suggestions on how you would like others to  
reference PETSc, but how should one reference an entry in the manual web  
pages? For instance, how do I reference MatCreateMPIAIJ?

Something like this?:
     Author = "Satish Balay and Kris Buschelman and William D. Gropp and  
Dinesh Kaushik and Matthew G. Knepley and Lois Curfman McInnes and Barry  
F. Smith and Hong Zhang",
    Title      = "{PETSc} {D}ocumentation for MatCreateMPIAIJ",
    Note     =
	   10. Jan. 2008",
    Year     = "2001"


Mads Hoel

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