PETSc 3.0 release

Barry Smith bsmith at
Sun Dec 21 20:11:08 CST 2008


------------------ Portable, Extensible Toolkit for Scientific  
Computation (PETSc)--------------------

We are pleased to announce the release of PETSc 3.0; parallel software  
libraries for the
implicit solution of PDEs and related problems involving sparse  

Major improvements include
*  PETSc modules and interface definitions for use from Fortran 90
* A much improved interface for using external direct solver packages  
include: MUMPS,
   SuperLU_DIST, PLAPACK and Spooles
* A brand new Python interface (developed by Lisandro Dalcin)
* An implementation of the Yand and Brent variant of Bi-CG-stab that  
requires a single
   parallel synchronization step per iteration
* Preliminary support for unstructured meshes. The Sieve interfaces  
allows creation,
   manipulation, and output of unstructured meshes in any dimension
   (developed by Matt Knepley and Dmitry Karpeev)

The software is available at
Changes and additions are listed at 
As always, please send bug reports, questions, and requests for new  
features to petsc-maint at

Thanks for your continued support. The PETSc developers,
                     Satish, Lisandro, Matt, Dmitry, Victor, Barry and  

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