PETSC error

Aron Ahmadia aja2111 at
Thu Mar 15 12:31:06 CDT 2007

Hi Matt,

SIGTERM (signal 15) is a very generic termination signal that can be
sent by kill or killall, but also by a batch system.  We'll be able to
diagnose this better if you send the entire PETSC and MPI output from
your program with the -log_info command.

(i.e.) mpirun -np 4 ./my_prog -log_info

It's possible you encountered an error earlier that caused one of the
processes in the MPI group to send a SIGTERM to the others.  Also, as
a general note, if you run this in a debugger, it will stop at the
place in the program where the signal is received.


On 3/15/07, Matt Funk <mafunk at> wrote:
> Hi,
> i am getting the following error message in a program that uses PETSC:
> "Caught signal number 15 "Terminate: Somet process (or the batch system) has
> told this process to end"
> Does any body know what that means or what could possibly cause this?
> thanks
> mat

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