need help with makefile

P. Aaron Lott palott at
Thu Mar 1 16:43:01 CST 2007


I have a fortran90 code and I would like to use petsc's   
preconditioners inside of it. I'm having trouble setting up a  
makefile that will allow me include a petsc. It seems the problem is  
from the use of the c-preprocessor.

My old makefile looked something like this:

$(CMD)  : $(SOBJS)
	$(F90) $(FLAGS) -o $(EXENAME) $(SOBJS)

where SOBJ is a list of all of my object files.

I was hoping to be able to make a petsc object file and include it in  
this list. Is this possible? Is there a tutorial on how to get petsc  
setup inside of your existing code?



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