about runtime lib conflict

Yixun Liu yxliu at fudan.edu.cn
Sun Oct 29 01:28:07 CST 2006


In my application I use two libs. One uses run time lib MSVCPRTD and  PETSC uses run time lib LIBCPMTD. The run time lib is determined by the compiler option. The two libs will use different run time libs when they use different compiler option. But this will cause lib conflict. So I need to config the PETSC to let it use the same run time lib with the other.



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> On Sun, 29 Oct 2006, Yixun Liu wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I use PETSC with other libs, but they use different runtime lib.
> I don't understand this statement.
>> I hope to config PETSC with Debug multithread dll runtime lib. How
>> to do it?
> 1. Build PETSc libraries with the default configure options
> [The defaults enable  Debug, multithread, dll options for MS compilers.]
> 2. Build the libraries
> 3. Verify 'make test' works
> 4. If you need to use these libraries from MS Project File, follow
> instructions in the section 'Project Files' at 
> http://www-unix.mcs.anl.gov/petsc/petsc-as/documentation/installation.html

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