On entry to DGEMV parameter number 6 had an illegal value

Jordi Marcé Nogué jordi.marce at upc.edu
Wed Jun 14 10:32:38 CDT 2006

En/na owner-petsc-users at mcs.anl.gov ha escrit:
>   This an error message from BLAS.
>   BLAS has a terrible model for error handling; it just prints
> a message to screen that you cannot control and does not
> return an error code :-(
>    Are you
> 1) using a BAIJ matrix with a block size bigger than 8?

No. I'm using a SeqAIJ matrix

> 2) the bcgsl KSP solver or
Yes. And the error happens when I'm calling the "KSPsolve" function

> 3) dense matrices (how do you create the dense matrix?)

No. I'm using a sparse matrix

> 4) are you using 64bit integers (very unlikely)

No. I'm using 32bit integers

>   The best thing to do is run in the debugger to see when/where/why
> this is happening.
>   Barry

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